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"P-51 Mustang - Study 13"

Lt. Col. James Howard flew P-51B (specifications) “Ding Hao!” AJ-A (36315), when he was Commanding Officer of the 354th Fighter Group. He flew with the American Fighter Group, known as the “Flying Tigers”, in China until the unit disbanded on July 4, 1942, and then he joined the 356th Fighter Squadron, 354th Fighter Group, 9th USAAF, in England. While he was with the Flying Tigers, he was credited with 2.33 air-to-air and four air-to-ground victories, and his total of 8.33 air-to-air made him an Ace. On January 11, 1944, he single-handedly defended a formation of B-17 bombers from the 401st Bomb Group against an estimated 30-40 German fighters northwest of Halberstadt, Germany. For his efforts on this mission, he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, the only fighter pilot in northwestern Europe to receive the nations highest honor.
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ding hao study 13.

Original Painting 10" x 8" - Acrylic on Masonite

Signed by James Howard - P-51 Ace (8.33 air to air)
James Howard is a member of our Rogue's Gallery
Progressive stages of painting development.
p-51 mustang study 13 / 1.p-51 mustang study 13 / 2.
1. Drew in pencil the insignias for the
356rd Fighter Squadron, known as
the “Red Ass”, the “Flying Tiger”
insignia, and the Congressional Medal
of Honor. Completed painting in the
insignias, and began the Mustang.
2. Drew in P-51B, and painted white
on prop spinner and stripe down the
front of the cowling. Added black on
prop blades and wheels and gray to
underside of wings and fuselage.
Completed cockpit and US insignia.
3. Painted in green for the fuselage, and added highlights, shadows, and panel lines.
Added the AJ-A to side of fuselage, and painted tail code. Painted “Ding Hao!”
on cowling, added German and Japanese victory symbols and exhaust stains.
I then signed the painting.
P-51 pilots from the 354th Fighter Group signed the painting on March 21, 2004.
  • Capt. Ken Dahlberg, 14 air-to-air victories, 353rd Fighter Squadron
  • Capt. Clayton Kelly Gross, 6 air-to-air victories, 355th Fighter Squadron
  • 4 Star General Felix Rogers, 7 air-to-air victories, 353rd Fighter Squadron
  • 1st Lt. Ivan Hasek, 6.5 air-to-air victories, 353rd Fighter Squadron
  • Lt. Col. Richard Asbury, 5 air-to-air victories, 356th Fighter Squadron
  • Lt. Charles Tighe, 1 air-to-air victory, 355th Fighter Squadron
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