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P-51 Mustang Studies

The North American P-51 Mustang (specifications) is considered by many to be one of the finest fighter designs to come out of World War II. Many fighter squadrons applied unique and beautiful paint schemes to their Mustangs, and when paired with the Rolls Royce Merlin engine, this sleek fighter aircraft became an enduring classic. It should be noted that this classic World War II fighter, of which 15,586 were made, produced 275 Mustang Aces.
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Study 1 Study 2
p51 mustang study 1.p51 mustang study 2.
'Trusty Rusty' 1945 - Bob Winks'Trusty Rusty' 1944 - Bob Winks
Study 3  Study 5
p51 mustang study 3.p51 mustang study 5.
'Old Crow' - Bud Anderson'Old Crow' - Bud Anderson
Study 4 Study 6
p51 mustang study 4.p51 mustang study 6.
'Miss Ridge' - Herschel Green'Bunnie' - Roscoe Brown
Study 7 Study 8
p51 mustang study 7.p51 mustang study 8.
'Ina-Macon Belle' - Lee Archer'Scat VI' - Robin Olds
Study 9 Study 10
p51 mustang study 9.p51 mustang study 10.
'Helen' - Arthur Fiedler'Pretty Patty II' - Bill Allen
Study 11 Study 12
p51 mustang study 11.p51 mustang study 12.
'Live Bait' - Clayton Gross'DoDo' - Clinton Burdick
Study 13 Study 14
p51 mustang study 13.p51 mustang study 14.
'Ding Hao' - James Howard'Beantown Banshee' - Felix Rogers
Study 15 Study 16
p51 mustang study 15.p51 mustang study 16.
'Merle Maureen' - Dick Asbury'Shellelagh' - Ken Dahlberg
Study 17 Study 18
p51 mustang study 17.  
'My Kitten' - Donald Cummings 
P-51s are featured in the lithograph "Full House - Aces High".
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